On tour in Morecambe

Our little camper was captured in this image of a steampunk at the weekend in Morecambe. Thank you Kevbates75photography.co.uk. Thank you Kev.


The curtains.

Continuing along with there revamp, I found this lovely duvet and pillowcases combo in a charity shop for the princely sum of £6 and have made new curtains and a larger one to close of the sleeping compartment, there is some left over and there was even enough for a cushion cover too. A bargain I think you will agree?

For a little silliness

This van’s interior is a little space where the everyday hum drum is left outside, there will be little bits of frippery that only just have a practical use and this helping hand is just such a silliness. I use it so keep my van keys on when parked. A great view of the sahree remnants used to cover the grey carpet. Obviously there is more carpet to cover.

All in good time…

Now to the very smallest room in the van…

Well as we all know there is a shower room in the Talbot Express this very small space has a fold down sink and thetford toilet and very silly bathroom cabinet.

THE PLAN: take out the cupboard and replace it with a mirror made from driftwood leave the sink and loo in for those early morning late night moments…

I disconnected the shower fittings but left the plumbing in situ just in case I change my mind and fancy reinstating it,

Fitted a rail to give this little room a new job, that of hanging wardrobe. The toilet and hand basin are still usable.

That left the walls, well that was a lot of magnolia but even I couldn’t justify that much painting effort for such a small space so have addressed it with some framed Victorian like images cut from wallpaper.

It is quite tricky to get any kind of images in this tiny space but here they are.

Those lower cupboards and the fridge.

After a long think it seemed wallpaper might be the order of the day. I happened on this from The Range it looks like a pseudo library. So off I went aligning it all way essential for my sanity and the whole aesthetic. I love the result and i used the spare from the one roll to cover the back of the upper cupboard I also coated this in 2 coats of the polythene matt varnish to give a little more protection and hopefully make the paper a little more hard wearing.

Onto the magnolia backing board of the kitchen space. I have always struggled with cream and magnolia as a colour way in interiors it swallows all the light and looks grubby in my humble view. So back to the wilkinson’s paint, after a good sanding to key the paint and about 3 coats it was covered and some self adhesive “floor tiles” were applied to the wall, they work well on this surface but I think maybe not such longevity on a floor. Then a little up stand to join the scheme together and first side sorted.

The next wave of loveliness

Following on from the sahee adventures, it was onto the cupboards and the very small upstands over the back doors, unless I was going to use tiny jars and storage these were not going to be very useful. I have a joiner in my armoury so no problem with fabrication and I have no shortage of ideas so off we go.

Removed the doors added some mouldings and applied a paint finish details in the images. The base paint is emulsion paint from wilkinson’s colour Jaded Teal all covered with 2 coats of ronseal matt polyurethane varnish, all waterbased paints will beused were practical.

Here is the cupboard door.

The other door was removed and stored I have another plan for that space…

The upstands were removed and new ones cut from marine ply and painted to match. Now they are much more useful, All these tins were charity shop finds. Also added an off cut of fabric to the back wall to cover the grey carpet.

More info about the inside of this second upper cupboard and the lower ones to follow.

More on the Van facelift…

My good friend gave me a blue and gold sahree and that has formed the inspiration for this update, and the starting point.

First tent the roof/ceiling space and the underside of the upper bed space, here are the images thus far. Upholsterd the underside, used the spare pieces to cover over the grey carpet on the sides, I just removed the parts and stapled the fabric over them and then reattached.  Added some kooky braid fringing and job done.

In the beginning…

Following on I thought I would share some images of how my camper looked inside when it arrived.

For a van born in 1990 it is is pretty good shape, well maintained and smelling fresh. The original ice blue and grey interior was a little dated and I am a fine artist/ milliner by disposition so it was and is game on.

The cushions were a little addition to cheer me up on my first outing…

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